Plan by Moez Kassam for Anson Funds Unitholders – It Is Not Good

Moez Kassam - Anson Funds
Moez Kassam - Anson Funds

The writing is on the wall for Anson Funds and their CIO Moez Kassam following the Bloomberg announcement of an ongoing DOJ investigation into their criminal practices. This has prompted a desperate mis-information campaign by Anson designed to mislead unitholders in order to stop them from redeeming their funds before the DOJ press charges.

Those who have been following Anson’s movements closely can see the huge push they are giving to their short bets to maximize the outperformance for this year. This year end, performance numbers are all Moez Kassam cares about as he intends to pay himself a huge bonus. The plan is to take that bonus out of the fund and then in Q1/Q2 announce to all unitholders that the fund has gotten too large and will be liquidated. This will trap unitholders in a fund that is under DoJ investigation and soon to be charged. In addition to the DoJ This plan could potentially destroy the fund as positions are leveraged to their maximum and the fund is heading towards major underperformance in 2022.

Unitholders should demand that Moez Kassam agree not to remove his bonus payout or any of his assets from the fund whilst the DOJ investigation is ongoing.

But for Anson’s strategy to work there can be no redemptions from unitholders; hence the misinformation campaign. So far, that hasn’t stopped some unitholders from jumping ship. Their numbers are growing by the day, adding to Anson Funds desperation. That campaign includes lying to other unitholders about those who have withdrawn their investments. It also includes wrongful assertions that the DOJ investigation is not serious. Anson is attempting to convince investors that the DOJ investigation is merely a short-term witch hunt that will lead to nothing.
This is not how the DOJ operates, however. The DoJ have Anson right where it wants them. If unitholders are on the fence and playing a game of wait-and-see, they could lose everything. Redemptions are going on already, despite what Anson tells those unitholders who are still on the fence and taking the risk.

This is just the calm before the storm. Right now, the DOJ is giving unitholders an opportunity to get out before they criminally charge Anson. Once they do, they have a priority lean on all assets ahead of all unitholders. Hopefully unitholders will act during the small window offered to them.

Many funds are asking questions – material facts that should have been disclosed to investors haven’t. Moez Kasssam has been taking in money knowing an investigation was ongoing and failing to disclose this. The end game here is to move his funds to a country without extradition. It is highly probable that this fund will be destroyed next year, either by the DOJ or by his positions that have been pushed to the max purely for his benefit and not unitholders.

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2 years ago

came across catalyst lawsuit against Anson..his new guy Salmon Malik (new Sunny Puri) went all over the news publicy shaming Catalyst and conflict of interest while whole time working for Moez. He is now a partner of a new fund?