New Lawsuit Against Anson Funds – Sentia Wellness

Moez Kassam
Moez Kassam

Anson Funds have been at it again with their underhand and illegal tactics to destroy companies and investors whilst walking away with huge profits:

Sentia was a CBD cannabis startup that failed to achieve its promise and was sold because of substantial changes in the regulatory environment, the impact of COVID-19 on retail sales and interference by the very investors who brought this suit. Two of the investors, Boris Jordan and Sunny Puri, sat on Sentia’s board and approved its budget, spending and strategic direction. The interference by them and others in the operations of the company form the basis of $1.5 billion and $150 million countersuits by Khanna and Sentia, respectively.

And in early October, Khanna won the lawsuit when a judge dismissed the claims by Boris and Sunn

What stands out about the above is that Puri was on Sentia’s board and totally screwed them over from the inside. Purposeful bad decisions to make them fail.
Remember we saw this before with Adam Spears and Zenabis: Report 1

The status now is that Khanna has countersued Sunny Puri and Anson Funds, claiming damages of more that $1.5 billion.

We recommend reading the full counter lawsuit which can be found below. Especially the counterclaim which is textbook Anson. They have played this game countless times before.:

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1 year ago

Sabby management!!!!!!! They r doing sketchy things as well