Was Anson Funds Involved In The Hindenburg Report On The Adani Group

Anson Funds legal team had the following 3rd party research recently pulled from Reddit. In light of the DOJ and SEC investigations into their illegal trading operation I imagine Anson Funds are looking to remove as much evidence from the internet of their crimes as possible. What could they possibly be trying to hide with the removal of this piece?

We have also been informed by a very good source that the $350 million Anson Funds was begging the street for and willing to pay 50%+ interest on was partly for this short trade against the Adani Group.

How much money did you make from Hindenburg’s hit piece against Adani, Moez? Was it enough to offset the charges for insider trading, wire fraud and conspiracy?

Read the below carefully:

Here is the original post from 27 Jan 2023:

Was Anson Funds Involved In The Hindenburg Report On The Adani Group

Most investors by now have seen the latest Hindenburg report on the Adani Group.

While the merits of the report itself are a separate issue, the involvement of Anson Funds is a significant concern. I believe Anson Funds is part of the syndicate that has profited from the huge collapse and growing scandal.

The timing of the Adani hit report is questionable: It comes just prior to a secondary offering.

For certain investors lined up here the timing is highly propitious, including one investor who also happens to be a major investor in Anson Funds. These investors have now secured themselves a huge discount and saved hundreds of millions of Dollars thanks to the Hindenburg report. I do not think this is a coincidence, and Anson Funds has a track record of putting out hit pieces just before offerings to manipulate discounts. The relationships of the various parties should be investigated.

 I have also been asked by interested parties to examine the Hindenburg disclaimer. Nate Anderson told readers that he shorted the bonds, but there is no mention of any other instrument being shorted.

Regulators should be looking at other instruments – particularly in the options market. It turns out that someone bought puts for millions of Dollars in the Adani Group the day before the report came out. Whoever that was has made a huge profit by trading on this inside information.

Hindenburg’s Nate Anderson says it wasn’t him; when who is it? Who would know to buy puts just one day before the report came out? Who has worked with Anderson on multiple reports in the past?

Again, regulators should be speaking with Anson Funds about this. I believe they will be able to point them in the right direction.

Even with regulators monitoring short sellers, they still believe themselves to be completely above the law.

Some interesting research that proves a link to Anson Funds and there involvement in the whole scheme: https://www.quora.com/Isnt-it-confusing-Hindenberg-International-holding-Adani-group-of-financial-fraud-while-JP-Morgan-Chase-giving-clean-chit-to-Ambani-Who-should-be-trusted-and-why

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