Augenbaum v. Anson Investments Master Fund LP et al

Moez Kassam - Anson Funds
Moez Kassam - Anson Funds

The docket can be found here: Augenbaum v. Anson Investments Master Fund LP et al 1:2022cv00249 | US District Court for the Southern District of New York | Justia

Full lawsuit is below.

What it basically says is that the plaintiff alleges that based on the transactions by which Anson obtained its shares, it is an affiliate of the company. Section 16(b) prohibits affiliates from buying the company’s stock and then turning around and selling it within 6 months for a profit. These “short swing trading profits” can be recouped by the company through this type of lawsuit.

More trouble for the crooks at Anson Funds New_Anson_lawsuit_-_GEnius_Brands Download


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[…] Our investigation also involves a source at a Canadian broker who reveals that Moez Kassam made close to $100 million profit from his fraudulent Genius Brands trade. Where he played both sides of the trade. Anson were responsible for the huge pump in the price and then the big dump that took place. We have published a new piece looking at the new lawsuit against Anson which is an important read for investors in Genius Brands: […]