Anson Funds – Corruption at Globe and mail

Moez Kassam - Anson Funds
Moez Kassam - Anson Funds

Anson Funds – Corruption at Globe and mail – Mail sent to their staff and regulators

We just saw this on Reddit few days ago. However, it had been removed but we think it is important enough to put it here. It was first published on Saturday 12th June.

As you know we don’t shy away from a fight, but it should be noted that we doubt The Globe as an organization is in cahoots with Anson, but the evidence the writer below presents certainly suggests that a good number of journalists and editors are and at the least the Globe should be conducting an internal investigation.

Following on from the events of the last few days where the Globe was outed for having a relationship with Anson Funds.

I sent the below letter to senior people at the Globe and Mail to see how they would respond to the serious allegation of corruption within the newspaper. The letter has also been sent to the Canadian and US regulators and a number of business and financial publications within Canada. 

I have listed below the contact addresses for the regulators and suggest you send similar letters. Only if there is action by the regulators will this illegal behavior end. Please make your voice heard.

Letter to regulators (the lower part was also sent to Globe and Mail staff)

Dear Sir/Madam (regulator)

I am looking to report a serious case of corruption at a major national Canadian Newspaper – The Globe & Mail.

We believe a number of their editors and journalists are working with the notorious short selling fund, Anson Funds, who you can learn more about here: and here:

I sent the below letter to The Globe and Mail a few days ago expressing great concern about numerous cases of corruption within their ranks, where their journalists are paid with pre-paid debit cards to write hit pieces on companies Anson Funds has a large naked short position in.

Please read the letter below and especially look at the links and when they were dated. It appears this insider at Anson Funds knows every move the fund is making and is intending to make against these various companies.

This hedge fund is “creating” their own illegal catalysts to destabilize companies and manipulate the financial markets and this illegal behavior is being facilitated by a number of high level editors and journalists in the Globe.

I am aware that this is a serious allegation and would not be sending you this mail if it wasn’t of great consequence not only to the companies mentioned but to peoples faith in the Canadian capital markets.

The actions of these hedge funds have hurt hundreds of thousands of investors and everyone on the street knows Anson Funds are behind the worst of it. We need help and protection from you – the regulators, otherwise the playing field is not level and these bad actors will always win.

This has been going on in Canada and America for years and I believe Anson Funds have been in trouble for this before. We need a real investigation and for the regulators to step and actually do something to protect us investors against the aggressive naked shorts who act with impunity as they destroy companies and investors money for profit.

Please at least acknowledge this mail and let me know you will look into the matter.

Best wishes,

Shawn Wilson


Dear David (Editor in Chief),

I have been a reader of the Globe & Mail for over 20 years and have noticed more and more people in the investment community are talking about the corruption which has spread its tentacles through your once great and trusted paper.

Almost everyone on the street says that a number of your editors and journalists have a paid relationship with the notorious short selling group Anson Funds – which you can learn all about here:

And now I find out that a number of your journalists are being bribed with pre-paid debit cards by this hedge funds to write hit pieces they carry large naked short positions on.

Here are a number of posts made on Friday your senior management and legal department should be made aware of:

Post 1:

Post 2:

I have gone through all the posts on this sub-Reddit and what they say rings true and they have been pretty spot on to date. There are hundreds of threads all across the internet talking about a number of your journalists relationship with Anson Funds.

Hundreds of thousands of investors have been hurt and many destroyed because of these pieces. Dozens of companies have seen billions of Dollars wiped off their valuations and Anson have made hundreds of millions of Dollars on the back of your hit pieces.

Briefly looking at the numbers this relationship with Anson Funds has caused tens of billions of losses for investors and your publication should be held liable.

A number of friends and I are going through every hit piece that has appeared on the Globe and will be linking them to the known naked short positions of Anson funds and other short sellers, and we now know them all, both current and historical.

This information will be sent to the RCMP, BCSC, OSC, IIROC and the SEC – as American investors have also been hurt by your actions. We will also be sending this to all the national and international business publications and a copy of this letter has gone to all the regulators.

We are also considering bringing a class action lawsuit against the Globe – for every hit piece and every company your journalists colluded with Anson Funds on. I can tell you for a fact that dozens of companies and thousands of investors would join. How much liability is the Globe insured against?

With the global uproar against the illegal tactics of naked short sellers – especially their short and distort campaigns, which a number of your people are helping them with.

For example: Mark Rendell, Greg McArthur, Emma Graney, Geoffrey York, Niall Mcgee and many others. You need to be looking at who these people report into at the Globe as well as they are not all working alone.

It appears that your writer Niall Mcgee is directly in Anson’s pocket and helps them out whenever they have a large short position against a company. I know nothing of the company Valorem – but we know for a fact that Anson had a huge naked short against the company. Look what happens below – Niall Mcgee to the rescue. Regulators, stock frozen and a big dropoff. Niall did what he was paid for.

Here is Globe writing about Facedrive – a Canadian tech company who Anson Funds are known to have a huge naked short in. The funds largest position: By Mark Rendell

(Mark has been working with Anson Funds for years – he used to get most of his cannabis story leads from Moez Kassam and Sunny Puri.) – Greg McArthur

Here is their latest hit piece on Reconnaissance Energy Africa who they are known to have a huge naked short on as well: – Emma Graney & Geoffrey York

Apparently Niall is working on a new hit piece against another company where he has been fed the information by Anson Funds. He will then publish this information and the hedge fund will use what is in this article (that they gave him) to bring a lawsuit against the company.

They want this information in the public domain on a major newspaper site so they can then follow their nasty plans. And your publication is facilitating their illegal action and Niall is the reporter that will help them get this information in the public sphere. This is something they have done many times in the past and unless the senior staff at the Globe act and stop this corruption within your ranks – it will continue and more people will get hurt.

Will the Globe conduct an internal investigation of the business and finance units? As it’s obvious for everyone in the outside world there is a problem!

Here are other links discussing the relationship a number of your staff have with Anson Funds.

(You need to read this link which was put out weeks ago exposing Nialls relationship with Anson Funds)

A one time reader of yours.

Shawn Wilson

P.S. Here are other Globe and Mail pieces where Anson Funds is known to have a short position:

Acasta Enterprises
This article on Acasta Enterprise’s new co-CEO’s converting debt for shares, quotes an Anson Funds press release, suggesting there was a “potential sale” of assets that would have satisfied the debt. Also, the article goes on to say Anson Funds is unhappy with the qualifications and experience of the newly appointed co-CEO’s.

This is hardly national news worthy, and the Globe and Mail does not provide comment from the newly appointed co-CEO’s or confirmation from the board of directors that there truly was a negotiated sale of assets prior to the new co-CEO’s taking the helm.

Sol Global Investments

This article labels Andy DeFranceso as a controversial deal-maker, but neglects to label MMCap as controversial themselves, despite one of MMCap’s executive’s having faced cocaine charges. Nor does the article mention the absolute waste of Canadian tax payer money, and valuable court time being used for an offshore fund to sue a US based company in Ontario courts.



There are honestly too many critical articles of Aphria to list off here, but nearly every article written about this company in the Globe and Mail is done so in a negative, disparaging and often derogatory tone.

GSX Techedu

This article is basically a personal publicity piece for infamous short seller Andrew Left and his beliefs on GSX Techdu. The Globe article fails to provide any research from Andrew Left’s newsletter, or any evidence or research of their own. Rather they finish the article with some free advertisement for Left’s short selling fund, stating that Citron Capital returned 43% after fees in 2019

Clean Power Capital Corp. (Big short for Anson)

Neither of these articles specifically mention MOVE but when I searched for Clean Power Capital Corp. on the Globe’s website I noticed a number of negative articles about hydrogen came up… clearly the Globe is pushing a sentiment that hydrogen companies are overvalued.

And many other articles that we are finding now.

Also here are just a few links I picked up on Twitter discussing the corruption within the Globe – there are many many more.

This has gone to a large number of their senior staff so they cannot claim they haven’t received the mails. We want a response and we want action taken at the Globe.

We demand an investigation take place to see which editors and journalists have a relationship with Anson Funds.

My friends and I are now running through a huge number of The Globes articles and seeing which of these related to Anson Funds short positions.

We could use your help as well. If you have seen any negative reports on companies on The Globe that you believe are linked to Anson Funds please put them in this thread.

Mails have also been sent to the regulators at the below addresses and if you have any information on the Globe & Mail or Anson Funds please send it to them:

OSC – [email protected]

BCSC – [email protected]
IIROC – [email protected]
IIROC – [email protected]
SEC –    [email protected]
Dallas SEC – [email protected] (Anson Funds have an office here)

The people at the Globe I sent the mail to are:

David Walmsley – Editor in Chief

Niall Mcgee – corrupt journalist
Sylvia Stead – Public Editor

Phillip Crawley – Publisher and CEO

Sinclair Stewart – Deputy Editor
Angela Pacienza – Executive Editor
Gary Salewicz – Editor, Business
Christine Brousseau -Assistant Managing EditorDennis Choquette – Managing Editor, ROB
Tony Keller – Editorial Page Editor
Natasha Hassan – Opinion Editor
Renata Daliesio – Head of Investigations
Nicole Macintyre – Deputy National Editor
Mark Stevenson – Deputy National Editor
Angela Murphy – Foreign Editor
Affan Chowdhry – Deputy Foreign Editor
Robert Fife – Ottawa Bureau Chief
Wendy Cox – British Columbia Editor
James Keller – Alberta Editor
Mark Heinzl – Investing and Corporate news
Claire Neary – Senior Editor
Ryan Macdonald – Resources and Environment
Sarah – Tech and Consumer News
And others

This corruption and destruction of companies needs to stop.

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