Hurt by Anson Funds – the SEC wants to hear from you ASAP

We all know just how despicable the Anson Funds crowd are and led by the criminal Moez Kassam they have destroyed hundreds of companies.

We are not expecting anything to happen in Canada as they have been talking about doing things for years now and apparently Moez has he has no concern at all about the Canadian regulators who he is “set” with whatever that means.

But thankfully the SEC is a different beast and they will go after Anson Funds.

If you have invested in any deals, know of shady practices or have been hurt/impacted by anything Moez and Anson have done then submit a complaint to the SEC:

Do not let the form intimidate you. It’s only one page and can be done in 10 minutes. We need to remove this scourge from the markets once for all and the SEC is the only regulator willing to step up and protect investors.
You will be asked what type of security you are complaining about and the most relevant will be general equity or hedge fund

Here is the Anson Funds website where you can get most of the details you need under contact:

Here are just a few of the companies that investors should be complaining about Anson’s illegal manipulation:

Tilray, Aphria, Zenabis, Zoom, Facedrive, GSX Techedu (Now Gaotu Techedu), Genius Brands, Gamestop, Reconnaissance Energy Africa, Valorem Resources, Starr Peak Mining, Whole Earth Brands, United Lithium, Mountain Valley MD Holdings, SOL Global, Clean Power Capital Corp, Red White & Bloom, Moderna, Medivolve, AMM Power, Value Line, Champignon Brands, Namaste, NexTech AR Solutions. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just as a refresher – this is who we are dealing with and might help you with your complaint:

These criminals have cost investors tens of billions of Dollars and need to pay for their crimes. Help the SEC do their job and get justice for all of us.

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