Intelligence Briefing: Anson Funds Active Cyber Crime

Moez Kassam - Anson Funds
Moez Kassam - Anson Funds

Anson Funds Active Cyber Crime

UPDATE: Moez Kassam is getting desperate. Bounty raised to $50,000. See below:

Moez kassam and Anson Funds

Sources: Inside source at Anson Funds; Hack Forums moderators; cyber forensic expert

Anson Funds, the hedge fund/criminal organization run by Moez Kassam and backed by David Cynamon, has significantly stepped up its cybercrime operations in recent weeks, in line with its long-running attempts to attack the websites of companies they are short.

They have been launching major cyberattacks, DDOS attacks on websites and other straightforward hacking operations.

The entire hosting company for this website has come under attack, and that has never happened.

But they’ve grown sloppier over time and with mounting desperation.

The investigative trail leads us to conclude that Anson has been working with numerous groups, including a large group of Russian hackers.   The DDOS attacks have been coming at us fast and hard and the hackers employed by Anson have purchased stressers from

This is what we are seeing from individual groups of attacks …

Moez kassam and Anson Funds

Every attack comes in the thousands – so on some days we are looking at 50 million+ attacks hitting the site, and it’s constantly growing. Anson Funds are desperate to get the site taken down.

On some hacking communities they were offering $100,000 to take the site down. Now it’s gone to “name your price”. They will pay anything. But to no avail – the site has stayed up and continues to broadcast a list of Moez Kassam and Anson Funds crimes.

Our investigation shows that since late last year, they have employed several shady individuals and agencies to try to take the website down. At least one of them was sloppy.

According to the moderators from Hack Forums, a key operative forgot to hide his IP address while posting. The IP address belongs to an obscure “private intelligence agency” in Serbia, owned by man B.M.—a private investigator and former cop-sacked for corruption.

We have identified this individual further, including full name, photographic identification, known addresses and affiliations, but will refrain from publishing here and will leave this with relevant authorities who are not among the individual’s known associates and former colleagues. In the private intelligence world, this is a rather low-level operative who has since become desperate to prove to Anson that he can deliver before the money is cut off. In his desperation to continue to receive money from Anson, the Serbian PI has turned to the dark web and to various hacking forums. He has created a number of accounts seeking hackers to help him take down this website.

Moez kassam and Anson Funds

Moez kassam and Anson Funds

Moez kassam and Anson Funds

His instructions we believe are coming directly from Anson Funds (not just Moez Kassam, but all senior management are now behind this).

Outside of our website, which for reasons that are now clear had to be hosted on special servers anonymously, no one has ever brought widespread public attention to the illegal activities of Anson Funds and Moez Kassam (please read our previous reports here for more details).

The information continues to bring light to these crimes and as such remains a key target for Anson Funds. While we highly doubt that Canadian regulators have the will or means to halt these activities, we are more confident that the SEC is closer to resolving the issue.

If you have any information or a complaint about Anson Funds please submit it to the SEC here: (it will only take 10 minutes and you will be helping save the capital markets).

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