Anson Funds short and distort campaign against Recon Africa (and Globe & Mail corruption)

Moez Kassam - Anson Funds
Moez Kassam - Anson Funds

Anson Funds Most investors are now aware of the massive illegal short and distort campaign going on against Reconnaissance Energy Africa that has been masterminded by Moez Kassam, the head of Anson Funds.

For those that don’t know who Moez Kassam please take a few moments to read this detailed report on his criminal actions:

We were the first to alert people to the massive Anson Funds short position and let people know exactly how Anson Funds are attacking Recon Africa: (ALL investors need to read this)

As many of you know. Anson Funds were the “whistleblower” to the SEC who are already fully aware of who Anson Funds are and already have them under investigation, for Wire Fraud, Insider trading and other illegal activities.

The 44 page report submitted by Anson Funds and signed by about 20 other short sellers and members of the “Wolf Pack was a poisonous piece of fiction designed to get the SEC to look into Recon Africa without any evidence. The claims made have nothing to back them up and our source in Anson said it was mainly the work of Moez Kassam and his right hand henchman, Sunny Puri (and that they do this on pretty much every company they have a short position in that they can’t crush with their algos. Over the years they have submitted hundreds of complaints to the regulators about companies and individuals that stand up to them and who they want to destroy.)

As has been discussed multiple times is whether Anson Funds in their complaint also listed the size of their naked short position to the regulators? I doubt it.

Do you think they also let the regulators know that they applied for a huge part of the recent private placement Recon Africa just completed?

So why would Anson Funds make a complaint to the SEC and at the same time be trying to buy stock in the very company they claim is a fraud?

This goes for the other hedge funds who signed the complaint alongside Anson – did any of them also apply for big parts of the placement? We know MMCap did. There is wrongdoing going on here and ALL of it lies with Anson Funds and MMCap and not Recon Africa.

Will the SEC and Canadian regulators be investigating Anson Funds for their short and distort campaign? The regulators have a good part of the evidence they need. All they need now is the will to do something about it.

Things not going Anson Funds way:

Moez and Co are absolutely livid that the National Geographic piece didn’t have the desired effect as they believed they could knock the share price down to $5 – in fact on Wednesday Moez was heard throughout the Anson Office screaming at people that they weren’t doing enough to drive the price down. All people need to do is look at the trading action over the last week to see the spoofing, down ticking, wash trading and other illegal tactics that were employed by Anson Funds.

Things really weren’t going their way and then this piece came out on the energy news site Oilprice:

The article helped people understand what was really going on and just how large the “naked short” position is – something Anson have been desperate to keep quiet, but this report really opened people’s eyes.

Most investors just look at the official covered short stats but these do not show the correct short figure. Tickets are mis-marked by the banks all the time and in Anson’s case for almost every trade. Banks use cash account shares of their customers and in some cases they don’t have any stock at all. The real naked short in Recon Africa is tens of millions of shares and because of this Anson cannot lose or it could be the end of the fund.

Part 2 of Ansons plan:

Anson have been planning this short and distort campaign for months and a major part of their plan was a hit piece in their official mouthpiece, The Globe & Mail and like so many other companies Anson has a short position in the Globe put together a hit piece on Reco.

Our sources within Anson alerted us to this and we let people know here:

Now the Globe is a corrupt organization and it is well documented that they do a lot of Anson Funds dirty work for them.

For example, Anson had a huge naked short against ESG tech company Facedrive and so Globe & Mail put a hit piece together:  and a number of people provided evidence of the Globes relationship with Anson here:

Anson were also doing badly in another fairly large short position they had in mining company Valorem: (and the Globe put out 3 pieces for Moez and Anson)
And like all other cases Anson complained to the regulator and managed to get the stock halted for 3 weeks before the regulators realized the complaint was bogus. But the damage had been done.

And now this weekend Anson’s largest short position Recon Africa had a hit piece put out:

Now the corrupt Globe journalist Emma Graney is reaching out to other mining/resource deals that Anson have a huge short position in to write similar hit pieces. Journalists like Emma are for hire and Anson with their pre-paid debit cards are the highest bidder, aren’t they Emma. We know who you are trying to target next Emma and it isn’t going to happen.

The link between Globe & Mail and Anson Funds is well documented with Betting Bruiser bringing peoples attention to the relationship many months ago:

In addition to the globe and Nat Geo hit pieces Anson Funds have their bashers on the boards and forums trying to scare people out of the stock. For those who want to see how paid bashers work please visit this link:

So the Globe & Mail, National Geographic and the SEC all have copies of this 44 page complaint. I think everyone would like to see this document and see who is behind it and who is involved. Recon Africa should Sue whoever they need to and get access to the report and then force Anson Funds to reveal their trading position.

What happens next:

What Anson Funds will try and do now is build off Nat Geo and Globe & Mail. Their people will be using these pieces to try and open doors with other publications. But the story will get old and tired as Recon Africa are doing nothing wrong.

They issued a strong rebuttal to the Nat Geo piece:

And the Governor of Kavango also fully backed them:

So in typical Anson fashion they will lie. They will make up untruths, there will be another whistleblower, there will be something to try and escalate the trouble further and of course there will be more ambulance chasing law firms drying to ratchet up investors fear levels to drive them out of the stock.

This is how Anson Funds work and investors need to complain to the regulators, especially the SEC as they are the only ones with the stones to do anything about it.

Moez Kassam had promised other “wolf pack” members that in the next 2-4 weeks their tactics will have driven the share price down to $2 and everyone will make a lot of money. Lying and cheating are a part of Moez’s DNA and he will do anything he can legal and illegal to make this come true. But it’s not going to happen. One good release from Reco could destroy all of their well laid out plans and in the meantime the drill bit keeps on turning and every turn of the drill brings the shorts closer to their doom.

On Monday we can expect them to try and create panic after the Globe piece, the same playbook as with the Nat Geo article. They and their cronies will press down really hard on the stock. Their aim is to drop it into the $7’s and scare people out of their positions and then they will keep on selling to drive it down even further. But this strategy won’t work. Too many people are now aware of the story, the short and distort campaign, the size of the short and that Anson Funds (Canada’s most despised) hedge fund are behind everything. People will not be fooled this time and we predict the SP will stay strong.

Time is running out for Anson Funds and they know it.

Anatomy of an Anson Funds Short & Distort Attack: Recon Africa

Anatomy of an Anson Funds Short & Distort Attack: Recon Africa

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